Immersive Adventures in interactive digital rooms

Mix up your evening with something a little different. Electric Playbox (formerly Electronic Theatre) delivers immersive team Adventures in interactive digital rooms called Playboxes. Our Playboxes combine projection mapping, touch screen, motion tracking and surround sound technologies to create an entirely new form of digital group entertainment. Tickets start at £19 per person (excl. fees).


Choose from one of our Challenges for a 30 or 60 minute session. Wearing only a visor with a tracker on it, you and your team play a series of mini interactive games and challenges.


Suitable for anyone over the age of 8. We have 8 Playboxes which host up to 6 people, so you can come solo or bring the whole gang. Tickets start from £20 for individuals up to groups of 24 people - all bookable through the website; groups of 25+ can book multiple Playboxes from £100 per Playbox by emailing


Our aim is to bring people together through shared play with a mission of making screen time social again. In an age when technology can be used to drive people apart, we're aspiring to use technology to bring people together.


We’re not going to befuddle you with techie terms and whizzy words, but we thought we’d let you in on our magic recipe!

Step into our Playbox, an interactive digital room featuring projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound to create a hyper-immersive experience. These different technologies allow us to project our floor-to-ceiling games onto all four walls whilst tracking your every move, so you feel like you’re in the game playing the game. At 200sqft in size, teams of up to 6 people can play in our Playboxes, so there’s plenty of room for everyone!


  1. Decide what size team you are.

Groups of up to 24 people: Book individual tickets through the website. There’s a maximum of 6 people per Playbox, so any numbers above this will be put into multiple Playboxes to accommodate your group size.

Larger groups of 25 people and up: Contact us through this form.

2. Pick your Adventure.

Select one of our Adventures below and the length of time you wish to play for. You can choose either a mini session at 30 mins or the full session at 60 mins. We don’t recommend groups of more than 2-3 people select the 30mins, as you will have much less individual playtime.


Alien Aptitude Test: London '84

The year is 1984 and aliens have invaded and taken over London. The aliens are grading all humans from E- to A+. Humans with good grades will be treated well, those without good grades, not so much...

Rescue the Royals

The year is 2026. Britain has ceased to be a constitutional monarchy and has now been converted into one big game show. The Queen has been taken captive... Can you and your team rescue her?
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Alien Aptitude Test: New York '87

Having successfully taken London, the aliens have now set their sights on late-80s New York. They are here to grade all humans from E- to A+ again, this time with a brand new series of tests - and even catchier songs. Can your team impress the aliens?

Ticket to Mars

New Sweden is a forward-thinking new colony on Mars. Your team has been sent on a vital mission to search for a rare Martian mineral - accidentally discovered by Elon Musk, and humbly named ‘Elonium’. New Sweden’s fate lies in your hands.