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London Southbank

Ready to experience the best, social phenomenon in London? Welcome to Electric Playbox at the Southbank. Join us for an immersive digital adventure with friends as you are graded by aliens, go mining on Mars or rescue some corgis. Step into our Playbox and escape to another world for 60 minutes with projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking and surround sound. Making screen time social again, one Adventure at a time.

COVID Update


We’re open and raring to go. We’ve implemented C-19 Secure measures with social distancing and full cleandown protocols in place so you feel comfortable and ready to play! You can read all of the info here.

Choose Your Adventure

Alien Aptitude Test: London '84

The year is 1984 and aliens have invaded. Prove you’re worth sparing by showing your value to their new society.

Rescue The Royals

The Queen has been taken captive in one big game show. Can your team rescue her?

Ticket to Mars

Give humanity a fresh start by gathering the right minerals to start a colony on Mars!

Alien Aptitude Test: New York '87

Aliens have now set their sights on late-80's New York. Does your team have the brains to impress them?


Priced for your whole group to enjoy!

It’s summer, we’re open and we’re offering some kick ass rates to boot! With no peak slots and a super-low rate of £19 for Adults and only £9 for Children, you can get your Playbox on all summer long. But hurry, these promotional rates hibernate for winter come September...




Per Person




Per Child

Arch 3, 83 Scoresby Street,
Southwark, SE1 0XN

We’re in the heart of London’s Bankside, so check out the great food and drink options around Electric Playbox when you are planning your visit.

Opening Times

  • Mon: Closed
  • Tue: 1pm — 9pm
  • Wed: 1pm — 9pm
  • Thu: 1pm — 10pm
  • Fri: 1pm — 10pm
  • Sat: 10am — 9pm
  • Sun: 10am — 9pm
    "Different to anything I’ve done before… Would definitely recommend."

    Flavia Lamb

    July 2020
    "An original and exhilarating experience, can’t wait to go again!"

    Eliza Solomon

    July 2020
    "Great fun! Thoroughly enjoyed an hour with the family...Saved the royals and a few corgi's! Well worth it."

    Jeff Clark

    August 2020


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Social Screen Time For Groups of All Sizes

Parties · School Outings · Team Bonding

Each Playbox accommodates up to 6 people; larger groups just book multiple Playboxes. Book up to 24 people at a time online. For groups of 25+, see large group reservations.

Hanging out before or after your Playbox Experience? Contact us and we'll connect you with local options for food and drinks.

Large Group Reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age suitability?

The experience is for ages 8+.  Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. There must be at least one adult per Playbox. Younger children are welcome to attend without a ticket, this is not to play but to join your family group. The lighting can be darker whilst playing the Adventures, please be aware of them in there with you!

How does pricing work?

We are introducing a flat pricing structure from 4 July, this will revert to our standard peak / off-peak structure in the future. Currently, tickets are £19 for adults and £9 for under 16. For groups larger than 24 per-Playbox pricing applies, please see large group booking for details.

What should I wear?

Please wear sensible footwear; flat shoes or trainers. No open toes or heels. We advise one layer, you may get warm.

Are there any physical requirements?

You will be moving around your Playbox as the controller of the game, however our games aren’t too physical and all contained in one pod. Electric Playbox Adventures all contain digital projections which are a source of flickering light. Due to the use of projectors, the interior of this installation is dimly lit. Please talk to a member of staff or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Can I bring my phone with me?

We aren’t going to take your phone off you- remember to tag us when you post! Get ready for some great photo opps in our Playboxes!

Can I store my stuff?

We have lockers for small bags and coats, however we do not accept suitcases, large backpacks or bikes inside our unit. Please seek alternative arrangements for storing such items. 

Will I be put with other groups?

You won’t be put in with another group if you don’t want to. We are on a mission to bring people together, so if you want to join with other groups, we’re happy to accommodate if there is room! Please note that bookings including kids require at least one adult per Playbox.

If I have a disability or access requirements can I still take part in the games?

Most disabilities and access requirements can be accommodated but we want to make sure the games are safe for everyone, so if you’re not sure, get in touch before booking and we can help you figure it out. Electric Playbox Adventures contain digital projections that are a source of flickering light. Due to the use of projectors, the interior of this installation is dimly lit. Please talk to a member of staff or email [email protected] if you have any questions. If you have a carer whose help you need to access the experience, please email [email protected]

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